The Golden Calf, err, CDC

We worship doctors and medicine today.  The only explanation I can find for willingly allowing our health care to be nationalized.  And once you offer obeisance to an idol, it begins to ask for your children as well.  The CDC has an opinion for everything.  This week it offered up the idea that we start school too early for teens.

It would seem there are several possible solutions to teens not getting enough sleep:

A. Examine the prevailing ideals about what constitutes “enough” sleep.  Maybe kids are just wimps.

B. Require earlier bed times.  If we can mandate start times, surely this can be done as well.

C. Require less of our students, so that by starting later, we can still end “on time” rather than go later and find them all asleep at 4pm in their classrooms.

D. Let a sleeping dog lie – stop seeking to find a medical reason for poor education, which is what I perceive to be the agenda behind this study – which was conducted by the supposedly scientific folks at the CDC (who get things wrong a lot, if the record is examined [just ask them if a chicken egg is good or bad for the human diet]) and, oh yeah, the Federal Ed. Dept. which has a long track record of its own to try and hide.

The more collective our society becomes, the less we know…



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