Our Taboo Laden Conversation

It is fascinating to watch our nation have a conversation without trying to.  Almost no one these days seems comfortable questioning the popular answer to any question, as they are afraid they will then be tried and executed as politically incorrect.  But have we ever gotten anywhere using such means?  Is it not true that most headway in our society is made when two or more divergent views are thoroughly considered and the best way chosen?  Case in point seems to be the impending implosion of our higher education system.  The big boulder is not going to stay balanced on high forever.  It will topple.  But just today two politicians disagreed on that issue and the media seems perplexed on how to handle it.

Read about the issue here, then ask yourself, “What are the sides here and what are the arguments for each?”  In the supposedly settled issue that “everyone who wishes to be a success must get a college degree” what can each side rally as support for or against this prevailing notion?  What can one say in a barbaric world where every idea has so many taboos?



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