Moving Targets

I grew up in the midWest, in Kansas, land of the cowboy, and Indians.  I played endless hours of “cowboys and indians” and watched every “Western” I could find.  As the play became more refined, we eventually determined that bicycles could be horses and began riding through the enemies “camps” shooting at one another.  If you were a cowboy on a horse, yelling “bang” while pointing a toy gun in the general direction of your foe, you were a great shot. 

But if you were the Indian, mounted on your bike/horse, and using a toy bow and those arrows with suction cups on the end, you were pathetic.  No wonder they lost.  You can’t hit the top side of the ground with one of those things while riding a bike.  And I could ride “no hands” at that point!  Speaking of point, what is mine?

I just read this, so you should too before going forward.

If you came back, then here is my point in the form of a few questions:

  1. Why move the target, again?
  2. What is the basis for these changes?  Will it make the test better, or just move the targets so as to pull the scores down until all the online and written study helps catch back up?
  3. This type of thing was fun when we were kids, but should this tactic be used to determine college entrance?

I think I will go yell “bang” at the College Board.

moving target


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