All Education is Education

We live lives of noisy distraction.  Most of what we are distracted from are the truly important and eternal things.  From the Greeks (or perhaps the Hebrews) forward in history, all political movements have been movements of education.  Much of that education has occurred while the populace floated along worrying about more important things:  money, sex, vacations, etc.  Whether you are speaking of the Sophists, Roman emperor worship, the Christian medieval Europe, Marxism, or the various forms of fascism in the modern day, such as that of Hitler, or what calls itself ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’ in America, education of the populace is their own hope of success. 

Those who own the classroom own the collective mind, mostly.  There are always free thinkers who are outside the parameters of the classroom, usually in trouble and off in detention, or dropping out, or some such thing while the classroom gently and inexorably rolls through the compliant minds.  This is simply because the most practical thing is the world is philosophy.  Once the mind, yea, the soul, believes something is so, then the body quite simply follows.  Or perhaps I should say the life follows the learning.

So far, so simple and obvious.  But this is just where the needle slides loudly across the vinyl.  There is no education that is not education.  And at its heart, education must include all aspects of thinking, including the singular thought most kids rarely utter but are always seeking:  what is right.  I understand how loudly the American government educative establishment states that they are value neutral, but the loudness and repetitive nature of that assertion should be all we need to become suspicious that they “protest too much.”  You can’t educate apart from moral movement of some kind.  To imply that you can is a value that you impart to the student, roughly stated as, “there are no morals other than the moral that there are no morals.”

But this is all a generalization.  Let’s get specific.  As education is about morality, it must include some measure of accountability.  What you teach my kid determines what kind of person he is becoming, so, “what are you teaching my kid” is appropriate for all parents.  But for those elected to oversee education, it is even a more serious question.  Elected school board officials should have direct access to, and a deep concern for, all that is taught in our schools.  It is their job.


Now you can read the news item that prompted this blog:  here.

Mind control is not freedom.  Keeping the lid on what is being taught makes me highly suspicious of whatever is being hidden.  How can such things be almost daily news and yet we continue to support such ideas as the government raising our children?


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