Core Meltdown

News on Common Core response and rhetoric continues to fill my RSS inbox.  I have clipped close to 70 articles on it by now.  I keep trying to wrap my mind around it to the point of making it a book, but I get stuck on Pt. 3 below.

  1. What is it?
  2. What is wrong with it?
  3. What can be done?

At the heart of it’s issues is in many ways all that is wrong with modern thought:

A. You can fix anything if you centralize and governmentize it.

B. More money always helps.

C. All answers are found statistically and in the middle somewhere.

D. Experts trump everyone else.

I know those are all very general, but that is why I am struggling with the outline.  Points 1 and 2 are easy in our day of information overload.  But #3 has no one answer, and the answer is not the same “everywhere” but demands local answers, and thereby eschews most of the CC answer.  But the angst in the media is interesting.  And there is hope when there is a rejection of easy answers.  Maybe real answers can be found in the mess…



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