Local Talk

I seem to keep coming back to the idea of conversation and its importance to real education:



and several other posts carry this theme.

But once again, I had a great conversation about the conversation that is at the heart of education this past Friday night.  HT to Buck Holler and Jason Dullworth for the conversation and the liquid that greased its wheels.


One of our main points, and the main point of this post, is that until the parental conversation reveals a “repentance” (a turning away toward)  what has been accepted as the cultural definition of education, and turns toward that which is more truly education, the students will never get a real education.  The parent’s appetites determine what they are willing to give to their kids as “education.”  And as long as the Great Fear of “my-kid-must-go-to-a-good-college-or-never-have-a-real-shot-in-life” persists in parents, the kids will suffer all the natural consequences of such an appetite.  They will get all anxious about college, go there and get the “degree” and then find that it was all empty and become angry.  That is the current paradigm.  It must be changed.

So conversation about what is true, real, actual in life is necessary.  And it can’t be politically correct, gentle, or gloss over and make everyone feel good.  It will at times be a brutal confrontation between what is real and what is being sold on the marketplace of the high stakes big money educational industry.  May the truth be told, and may it win the day…


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