Get Up and Do It Again, Amen.

amer pagQuoting lyrics from a cynic like Jackson Browne can be dangerous.  But a new school year comes around and for the first time in a few years I walk back into the classroom.  AP U.S. History.  I have taught the material before, but to younger students.  I will be facing a dozen or so Juniors in high school.  So all the normal feelings are in play: fear that I don’t know what I am talking about (who does?), fear that they are smarter than me (and they probably are), anticipation of the many great moments such a situation will produce, and etc.  There are a lot of emotions at play.  This is a new venue for me as well, so it is not just the first day in class, but first day at new job.  And I find it is a struggle in this world between love and the legal tender.  The Greeks saw this and recommended no one teach for pay.  I need to eat, so I will take the pay.  But in the classroom there must be honesty, and honesty hangs on affection – you must love the truth and your students more than your own ego.  And there must be worthy goals even before the first bell rings, so…

It is my hope and prayer that this year we will…

  • Learn to love more deeply the God Who is sovereign over this our nation
  • Learn to love the truth, where ever it may be found
  • Find the truth, goodness, and beauty woven into the human journey of the American Experience
  • Answer at least these three questions that Paul Johnson put forth about our subject:
    • Can a nation rise above the injustices of its origins and erect a society given to justice and fairness?
    • In building such a nation, can righteousness prevail over the needful self-interest?
    • Is this “City on a Hill” truly an exemplar for humanity?

That should take us through at least the first week…

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