Girls Just Wanna Get Degreed (Sorry Cyndi Lauper)

I have written quite a bit on boys.  In particular, many of my meditations have been on how boys are being pushed out of education in favor of girls.  This recent data byte somehow adds to that concern of mine.  There is something about the Prussian/modern system of factory schools that favors the feminine side, and drives boys crazy.  Need to think more about it, but I know there is something there.  Click on the link below to read the article, but here is the graphic.



4 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Get Degreed (Sorry Cyndi Lauper)”

  1. We should be concerned about our boys/men. I for one never joined Society of Women Engineers, nor do I contribute when called. I just say–I have 3 sons and 3 daughters–and I’ll support whomever wants to be an engineer, male or female. Sick of women whining about equality while demanding preferred treatment. Can’t have it both ways, girls, so just grow up and become women and deal with life.

    1. Thanks for joining in, Kim. I am not only concerned about preferential treatment, which is an issue, but also about the forms of education that simply fit girls better than boys. Boys don’t like much of the formality of our modern system. And they surely won’t raise a hand and contribute in a room with girls in it, lest they look “uncool.” Thus they become the “jocks” who despise education rather than get it. If we keep talking about people based upon male/female rather than manhood and womanhood, I think we will continue to find lots of big boys and girls who are wholly confused. I applaud your call for women, and men, to grow up and fulfill their personhood. Nice to have a comment. Thanks.

  2. Hi Steve, Katie (Lehner) Patton here. I’d love to hear more about how boys ought to be taught, since I’m teaching mine at home, and am not a boy myself. Would also like to hear more particulars about the advantage of alternate schooling (like homeschool), since my own education was of the traditional mediocre classroom sort.

    1. Katie! Thanks for asking. I will try to scratch in those areas. Four boys of my own will tell you I don’t know much about raising boys rightly, just how to survive them. But others have helped me along the way, so I will share their wisdom. Nice to know you are doing well – Tolkien – if Facebook has kept me up with your reading to those boys – is a great place to start.

      On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 11:34 PM, HowdoUteach

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