Memory and Culture According to Weaver

“Again the need appears to speak up against the uncritical adulation of youth. It is anomalous that a civilization of long history and great complexity should defer to youth rather than to age.  The virtues of youth are the virtues of freshness and vitality, but these are not the virtues that fit one to be the custodians of the culture that society has produced.  Deferring to youth is another way of weakening continuity. Mark almost any young person, and you notice that he does not see very much, in the sense of understanding what is present to his vision. He perceives, but he does not interpret, and this is because he is too lacking in those memory traces which lead to ideas and concepts. The memoryless part of mankind cannot be the teachers of culture; they are, however, ready learners of it if the real teachers show faith in the value of what they have.”

Richard M. Weaver. Visions of Order, ISI, 2006. Originally published, 1964. p. 53-54

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