Overview of Specifics from “Road and Wheel”

Having stated earlier Berry’s main point with the “Road and Wheel” metaphor, I want to lay out what will be several up coming meditations on the specifics from his essay, “Discipline and Hope.”

Here is his own chart showing the contrasts between these two ways:

Linear Cyclic
Progress. The conquest of nature. Atonement with the creation.
The Promised Land motif in the Westward Movement. Black Elk’s sacred hoop, the community of creation.
Heavenly aspiration without earthly reconciliation or stewardship. The creation as commodity. Reconciliation of heaven and earth in aspiration toward responsible life. The creation as source and end.
Training, programming. Education. Cultural process.
Possession. Usufruct, relinquishment.
Quantity. Quality.
Newness. The unique and “original.” Renewal. The recurring.
Life. Life and death.

fr. Wendell Berry, Discipline and Hope, p. 137

I will develop each of these in turn by relating them to our views of education in upcoming blogs.


One thought on “Overview of Specifics from “Road and Wheel””

  1. I just did a post on consumerism with a quote and partial poem by Wendell Berry and I’m browsing the blogosphere looking for what others are writing about him. I’m glad I ran across your blog and I hope to read more later.

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