Prolonged Attention on Attention

I have been putting a lot of my attention on attention lately. Some things I have been reading, including Scripture, and some things I have been doing, including my current home school experience with my fourteen year old son, have brought many things to my mind about how central attention is to education. So below are some questions and areas that I want to develop, each with at least one blog, maybe more. It outlines where I will be thinking and writing on this blog for the next month or two. As always, your input and comments are welcome.

Education and Attention: Questions and Observations

1. Prayer is a fundamental means by which we develop “attention” in the Christian life.

2. Attention in education falls into many categories, all of which are quite basic to the formation of an excellent student.

3. Attention to detail is a key to success in many areas of life, academics not the least.

4. Attention to arguments is crucial to communicating well.

5. Attention is basic to observation, which is basic to learning. Seeing the whole of something well is necessary to understanding anything.

6. Prolonged attention to an object is basic to fully seeing, hearing, or knowing that object.

7. A deficit in attention is a real roadblock to learning. From whence does such come, can it be overcome, and what might we do to change the growing tide of attention issues in education?

8. How does the teacher attend to her student, and what constitutes bona fide attention on the part of the student toward his teacher?

9. How are attention and memory related?

Well, that should not take me more than a few years to work through!


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