Being and Doing

As I continue to read and read and read and wish I had a decent job to take up my time, I become more and more convinced that I don’t have a single original thought in my head.  I am on a tear through all the great educational books I have meant to read but have not had time for.  Right now I am working through the essays of Michael Oakeshott entitled, The Voice of Liberal Learning.  I don’t agree with many of his assumptions, but there is enough of a love of true learning to keep me reading.  He makes the necessary distinction between an education that brings forth a human being and one that seeks to graduate a capable doer.  He voices strong support for the former and bangs away at the contention that the latter is not truly education but a substitute for such.  Now we have heard all this before, but it bears repeating somewhat like a mantra that true education is that which brings its students into a more fully human condition, not simply that which makes the State a good “worker.”  As clear and simple as this seems, it also appears completely disregarded in the modern educational discussion.  Why?


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