Compromise as a Cost of Community

The ability to swallow it is very difficult for those of us who fancy ourselves to be thoughtful and philosophical about our choices.  Compromise seems sinful.  The older I get, the more convinced I become that at the heart of true community is humility: the ability to swallow my own convictions more often than I would like to.  Now I am not selling truth down the river, but I am saying that we often hold on to things that are not substantive truth but what we feel are indispensible to our philosophical purity or principled living.

The closer to our center of life the issue may be, the tighter we tend to grasp at these community bursting bombs.  Education is certainly one of those close to the center areas and I am reminded daily of how hard it is to balance the desire to swallow and get along with others with my desire to remain true to what I believe God would have me to hold onto as principles.  This is where wisdom must fall down from heaven like rain.

I hope my brothers and sisters in Christ give this some thought and prayer.  What do we really need to keep in place in order for there to be unity in the truth?  Our modern society has butchered this so bad that it seems like something lost that we must search for without ever having truly seen it before.


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