The College Bubble

My dear friend, Andrew Kern, is keeping watch over what both he and I feel will be the coming earthquake in the modern university system. You can follow his followings here. My few thoughts are below:

  1. There is much in common between the housing bubble and what is happening in our college system.  If my research is right, the last five years has seen us go from having one $50K+ university to several dozen.  That is unsustainable pricing, it seems.
  2. There is a growing corpus of items being written and reported upon that indicate our current system is something more and more people are rebellious toward, even though most have swallowed the jagged pill that says you have to go to college to get a decent job.
  3. At every possible motivation, the current university is coming up short:  a) going to college to become a better person translates into heading off to state sponsored brothels where one’s religion is attacked unless it matches the State established norm of materialistic secularism; b) going to college is the best route to a great job is translating into disillusionment as more and more graduates are not finding their specific degrees are even relevant by the time they graduate (how many of my buds in college who were on the cutting edge of things, earning a Computer degree by studying Fortran are finding that useful, at all?); c) going to college to continue the family tradition (my parents went to ___ U, so I am too) is resulting in the shock, “Hey, this isn’t the school I went to!”

I may write more, but Andrew can keep you up to date to stay with him.  This is going to be quite a ride over the next few years.


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