“Prayer is Attention”

This idea comes from Simone Weil, whom I have not read, but whom I have heard quoted with the above idea. It has given me quite a bit of fruitful thought. Particular to this blog would be the thinking about “attention” as a skill of learning. Christian learning must cultivate the skill of being attentive. This is huge and I can’t possibly get it all down in one brief essay, so I would rather expect to somehow develop each of the following more fully in separate pieces.

Attention is the ability to observe reality for some extended period of time. Contemplation is thinking about what I have observed while being attentive.

Attention deficit is considered a “learning disability.”

Attention can be called concentration, which has some interesting ideas wrapped up in it – concentrated what? Centering on what?

How does one teach or coach attention? What builds strength in one’s attention?

Attention is definitely related to time. The more time given to a reality, the more detail should be attended to. Much of art comes from this attention to the details of a reality, giving the artist enough content to work with.


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