Getting Grouped

I recently was reading in Educational Leadership the following article:

I found her concerns and thoughts compelling and intriguing. I don’t know if I buy totally into the notion of non-grouped reading work in early elementary, but at the same time her initial concerns and concepts were provoking. What I would really like to do is have 90 minutes or so with my early ed folks to talk about it. But when?

Here are her main points:

  1. Insight 1: Beliefs affect effort – and effort affects success.
  2. Insight 2: Learners need both time and experts to improve. I am not a fan of “expert” but would gladly agree if we changed the term to “tutors” — her point is that struggling readers need access to other strong readers, not just a teacher.
  3. Insight 3: Past performance is just that…past performance. Her first sentence says a lot, “It’s stunning how much stock we put into standardized tests scores.”
  4. Insight 4: Because reading levels change, we should change how we group


Anybody else who reads can feel free to jump in and give their thoughts.


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