Good Morning Young Grasshopper(s)

The headmaster was enjoying the quiet of the post-first-thing-in-the-morning-rush.  It was Friday.  The flowers were in bloom.  The storm had been replaced with beautiful sunshine.  He leaned back in his desk chair and sighed.  And noticed a nice green decent-sized grasshopper on his wall.  He asked a dad out in the main office if his i-phone had an app for transporting small insects out of one’s office.  As the dad joined him, they noticed a second green grasshopper, on another wall, facing distinctly away from the first (now named Uno).  Dos, the second grasshopper, seemed at odds with Uno.

Given that the headmaster had past experience with a snake, several mice, a few lizards, and the like, he always has a large pickle jar with appropriate holes in the lid waiting for such an opportunity.  Uno entered the glass house.  Dos dropped in to say hi.  Immediately, Dos headed for a position near the lid, while Uno turned from his place near the floor until both of them were nose to nose, or, well, antennae to antennae.  Either detante or friendship was entered.

How can any headmaster just let them go?  He must find a way for his mediatorial work to be appreciated.  He introduced his catch to the Kindergarten.  They were wide eyed.  Our headmaster hunts, too!  And soon, they will release these new friends to the great outdoors, hopefully not by stomping on them to say good bye.  And the Friday improves with each breath.


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