The Way It Ought to Work

So last year we were having some trouble with Math.  By trouble I mainly mean that we had lost our “light” in math.  We were running kids through the ropes, but there was no joy.  I have my suspicions why that was, but that is not the point of this blog.  There was a problem with math.  And a dad came forward and spoke his mind.  He was reasonable, calm, clear, and not seeking to complain but seeking to know if I was aware.  I was, I told him so, and gave him some indication of what we were thinking/doing about it.  He was set at ease, re-enrolled his wonderful and brilliant daughter, and I continued to work the issue of our math.

Last night I had the delight of hearing the same dad, who had come to our info meeting on “changes in our math program” and listened to our description of the changes, then thank us for listening, for being proactive, and for being trustworthy.  He is delighted, we are back in the light, and the kids are benefiting greatly.  At no point was this problem addressed irenically, nor was it a power struggle, nor did I sense anything other than humility on everyone’s part.  It was beautiful.

So why am I blogging on it?  Because it is so rare.  Why do we make it so hard when it can instead be so delightful?  Perhaps because, “knowledge puffs up” but “the wisdom that comes down from above” brings with it peace.  Schools should be places of peace.  What an oasis this particular experience was for everyone involved.  Thank you, Lord.


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