Why Words Matter 1

Let’s see if I can get to where I am going in my thoughts with an economy of words.
Why should a school center on the study of words?
Words are the fundamental carrier of thought.
Thought is the fundamental activity of a student.
Words are the basis for communication, which is the fundamental act of a school.
A good school will not stop at building students who are skilled at wordsmithing, but move forward into the ethics of words, impressing on their charges that integrity, standing by one’s words, is fundamental to trust.
And trust is the basis of community, and community is the most secure means to shared happiness.
And shared happiness or fellowship (which includes both happiness and suffering, each highlighting and making the other possible) is what we all seek.
So when I teach my students the three possible uses for the word, “because,” I am making them better people, whether they like it or not.


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