Fourth Grade on Parade

This is that really busy time of year, so my comments after spending a day in 4th grade are once again in bullet form.

A. It was true of Third grade as well, but even more so here in Fourth: I have taught this age, so it does not seem as strange to me. I am wondering just what I will learn once I get up into 5th-8th, where almost all my 18 years of teaching have been directed.

B. There is a difference in the pathos of a male-directed classroom. For the first time in the Day in the Life experiment I had a male teacher. There was definitely some emotional differences to the day. Overall, I think this change is healthy and good. I think that male and female teachers should constantly be guiding one another toward understanding that each has that the other must learn.

C. I also had the unusual situation of sitting in the same classroom as one of my own children. I did my very best to not make this awkward, and he did a great job of ignoring me!

D. There is a lot more behind the look, tone, intention of this age student than I have noted previously. The girls are really becoming trained in the finer details of how to use their tongues either for good or for evil. Both were present in my class today. The amount of skill needed to deal with this wisely is immense. I am so glad I was the student today. Tomorrow I will be a substitute teacher for them.

E. I witnessed a great moment as we discussed Bambi, by Salten. Two young men had differing views of what the story was trying to say. They both stuck to their guns, but tempered their passion with reason. I happened to be seated between them and nearly gave myself whiplash swinging back and forth between the two of them as they spoke. Excellent form and well done – which is truth, goodness, and beauty all wrapped together in Christian love.

F. Another great moment came in music class when each student had to have the courage to pick up their own recorder and play several measures of music all by themselves with the rest of the class listening/watching. Very unnerving, very well done, and very good for their future service of the Lord.


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