Teaching mainly teachers these days is a challenge in a very good way. All teachers have a fear of being less than they ought to be. And as we are all idealists of the first rank, we often have a great deal of guilt following us around. Thus, when you are trying to teach teaching to teachers, you have to deal with these issues of fear. I believe drama is an excellent way to tackle this fear head on.

Several times this year in faculty meeting we are going to come up with some skits that play out some aspect of our school so that we can all “look at it” together and generate ideas of how to better answer our calling. I have chosen what I think are “hot button” issues that teachers can get jazzed about acting out. I have included such ideas as, “Discipline,” “When you are asked about another teacher,” and “Parent Conferences.” It is my hope that teachers will brainstorm these topics into three categories: The Affirmative aspects, the Negative aspects, and Interesting twists to the ideas that are perhaps somewhat neutral.

Once these ideas have been invented, we will seek to arrange them into a meaningful skit and produce it. We can then respond and discuss it together, having experienced the skit together. I would love to see this generate a set of ideas, goals, processes, etc. for us to all pursue together as we grow as a team. Not mention that I think it will be down right fun. Your input is always injoined.


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