A Day in the Life (with apologies to the Fab Four)

I am trying new things all the time. I love new ideas. I especially love to try things that seem a little out of the box because I love to see things from new angles. All that to explain why I would possibly wish to spend a whole day acting like a student in one of the classes in my school. The following is my write up for myself on what I am doing with this. I intend to write up “safe” blogs on my experiences (meaning all names will be changed to protect the innocent). This is just to introduce them – check back in regularly to enjoy these times with me.

Guidelines for “A Day in the Life”

Purpose: to help the Headmaster evaluate the paideia of our school.

Manner: the Headmaster will spend an entire day “as a student” in each of the school’s grades, meaning he will be a “first grader” for a day in each of the school’s first grade classes, etc. He will clear his schedule of all other duties except teaching duties, and he will choose a day that is “normal” as much as possible.

“Rules of the Game”
1. A schedule will be posted well in advance of the start of the program.
2. The headmaster, if he has other formal duties that cannot be set aside, may slip out to address those duties, but return immediately to class.
3. The headmaster will step in the school day prior to his “day” and explain what he will be doing.
4. The headmaster will arrive on time and conduct himself in every way as a student on the “day.” This includes…
a. Having a chair and desk to use
b. Doing all class work, participating as a “normal” student
c. Doing his best to never switch from student to headmaster in character or conduct
d. He will eat lunch with them.
e. He will participate in any recess, nap, break, special activity.
f. He will be at carpool with them as well.


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