Retreating to the Hills

As a teacher and headmaster, there is nothing I love more than talking with others about what I do. I have gained such a thing for several days with my faculty by coming out to Charlotte for three days of retreat and then three days of conference from July 23-28. I will try to record some of the things we cover in these days for posterity.

Yesterday we kicked things off in a bland hotel conference room with a good discussion of our purpose as a school. We quickly stated it was a Christian school which led us to discuss that our students are being led from this world of fallen reality to someday living in a restored Eden. Our purpose is found in the recovery of that Eden and that school functions to equip the student in part for that journey.

Our ultimate goals for each student, including ourselves, are the twin ideals of Wisdom and Virtue. We discussed the differences and similiarities of these ideals, with some additional discussion of how virtue is related to the fruits of the Spirit.

We then asked the question, “how”? How do we get from here to there, together? What agreements do we have in place already for doing this? We looked at the school’s mission statement:

Christ Covenant School cultivates wisdom and virtue in its students by nourishing their souls on truth, goodness, and beauty and develops students who will succeed academically, reason critically and rightly, communicate truth effectively, and enter into a lifelong pursuit of learning and living that affects their culture for the glory of Christ.

Our current five pillars, which we hope to increase to seven this week, Respect, Order, Unity, Diligence, and Honesty, define the virtues or behaviorial habits that we are seeking to cultivate in our students. The seven Liberal Arts are the intellectual or reasoning habits we are seeking to cultivate.

It was an engaging hour and 45 minutes and a good start to things. We then rested a little and went to have a great dinner together (once we found a place we could all agree upon!).

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