The Essence of Education

Majorly high ambitions with this blogfest…

Going to try and spell out my current understanding of education, classical and Christian…

  • What is education?  The cultivation of wisdom and virtue.
  • What are the essential elements to such an education?
    • The contemplation of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.
    • The inculcation of the Seven Liberal Arts through the formation of the habits of a scholar. (Observation, Contemplation, Ordering, Writing (especially through study of the Progymnasmata), Reading, Seeing Math as a language, Using righteous categories, and understanding the use of the Common Topics.
    • The inculturation of Christian ethics. (Respect, Order, Unity, Diligence, and Honesty)
  • What does this require of the student?
  • What does this require of the teacher?
  • What other considerations should be made when attempting to accomplish this type of education in a school context?

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