Clinging to and Clamoring for more Clarity

At the heart of good thinking, and thus good teaching, is clarity.  The unknown appears complex, the known truth moves towards simplicity.  Clarity is the gaining of that simplicity.  And in education we need more clarity.  I recently sent my teachers off into separate groups during a training session with the following basic words to define as simply and clearly as possible:  school, student, teacher, and education. As we reconvened and enjoyed our hour or so of discussing these ideas, I thought more than once that perhaps that is all we should do for an hour or two every week or month.  What would happen to our clarity of thought if we focused on these basic notions? 

But of course there are more fish to fry, or are there? 

We have a big ol list of things to discuss and do in our faculty meetings this year, and I am afraid I have succumb to the trap of complexity.  As I look over the varied subjects, there is much that is given to preparing for this or that event or duty in our school, and this is proper and orderly.  But how many of those concerns would be better addressed in simple but deep discussion about school, student, teacher, and education? 

I just read over at Quiddity a great couple of meditations by Andrew Kern and have to recommend them to you.  Then you will better understand this meditation.


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