The Vision of God: The Culmination of Faith and The Goal of Classical Education

Dr. Lloyd Newton 

Again, I am able mostly to communicate here in notes form rather than paragraph.  There was so much in so little time.  I continuously face folks who cannot see the correlation between Christ and the pagans and Dr. Newton certainly helped me a lot with that. 

  1. Harold Bloom suggested two texts for understanding Western Education: The Republic, and Emile, by Rousseau.  This is very helpful to see the shift from classical to modern education.
  2. Socrates – Good = God – Divided man into three parts
    1. Intellect – wisdom
    2. Spirited – courage
    3. Desires – Moderation
    4. When wisdom informs our courage and courage provides moderation, we have a just man.
  3. Aristotle expanded this out to five faculties (Soc’s three are there, just modified) = from highest to lowest again
    1. Intellect
    2. Locomotive capacity
    3. Appetite (spirited and desires)
    4. Sensation
    5. Vegatative
  4. Augustine gave us the “will” which the Greeks were always puzzled by
    1. Intellect – seeks the true
    2. Will – seeks the good

All of the above led to a discussion of substances which leads to qualities which are distinguished by abilities.  Abilities express themselves through habits (good = virtue and bad = vice) in activities (which are either better or worse).  All these activities are aimed at objects.Oh, if we only had more than an hour.


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