Pillar I: Reflections on the Definition of Classical Education

Martin Cothran

Two means of defining CE: by division and by classification

By Division: What are its parts?

I. Skills – how (Liberal Arts)

a.Trivium (Word / Qualitative)

i.      Grammar – Latin, study of language

ii.      Logic – study of thought

iii.      Rhetoric – study of persuasion or expression

b.      Quadrivium (Matter / Quantitative) – simply follows Joseph at this point

II. Content – what (Western Civilization)

a.Athens – the speculative man in miniature

b.Rome – the political or practical man in miniature

c. Jerusalem – the spiritual man in miniature

By Classification: Pieces back to a Whole

  1. the Progressive view of education – schools as a means to change culture
  2. Pragmatic view of education – schools acclimate the student to his culture (the Life Adjustment Movement)
  3. Classical view of education – to pass on culture to the student

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