Colloquy: Should the Quadrivium be a part of our k-12 intellectual culture?

Steve Elliott

Leading this was both a delight and very frustrating for me.  I wanted to jump in and discuss, not moderate and facilitate.  This is a huge question needing a lot of discussion.  We had trouble getting us all on the same page in defining the Quad because it is so lost from our educational culture.  If it is a set of skills, then it is a part of our intellectual culture, even if we are not conscious of it.  If it is a set of subjects lost along the way, we are not convinced they can be reclaimed in the same manner they were once used, and that as subjects should follow after some mastery of the Trivium subjects.  But we were having trouble defining what the skills of the Quad are and what they look like.  This is huge is recovering the full compliment of learner skills necessary to raise up whole men in the classroom.


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