Exordium I: Welcome and Commencement: A Celebration of Knowledge

Andrew Kern 

  • Andrew began with a lengthy quote from Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov in which a lady and a priest discuss her inability to still believe.  It narrates an epistemological crisis in her life.  Western Civilization shows us a cycle of epistemological crises.

  • Bacon/Descartes come along and want to rethink how we know anything and we agree to let them redefine the rules.

  • We no longer believe we can know anything truly.

The affects of this loss are many…

  1. It is the person that knows, not just the “mind.”
  2. Christians believe in the embodiment of ideas – knowledge is ultimately a miracle (i.e. God given)
  3. Science, set free from being under metaphysics, lacks responsibility and is thus dying.
  4. Science is no longer about gaining “knowledge” but wielding power.
  5. Language, bereft of any hope of being a means to knowing, becomes only a means of persuading, of getting our own way.

Solution: fr. Brothers Kara. – “Active love” — The embracing of reality, ignorance, limits, and responsibility.


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