Circe Conference 2006 – Thursday Thoughts

Before I deal with specific thoughts from specific sections of today’s conference, let me summarize what I am thinking at this point after a day of refreshing interaction with others in this beautiful movement.

Clarity is a very difficult goal.  I am interacting with folks who are all over the map concerning what it means to be doing what we are doing, how to do “it,” and even why we are attempting it.  This does not frustrate me, but it tempers my optomism about how quickly we can move forward to deeper things when we struggle to be clear even with our basic terms.

Fear is a major factor in education.  We are afraid of moving into unknown territory either in philosophy or practice. We are afraid we are not good enough, knowledgeable enough, methodologically sound enough to do education right.  We are afraid we will loose our parents/students if we act by conscience and principle rather than by the dictate of the market.  We are afraid our idealism is too much for a viable school.  In the midst of all this fear, we are afraid to admit we are afraid.  There is a large ministry of healing to be found in the midst of this fear.  Faith is the cure.

Now to specific events:(as seperate posts)


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