Turning Up the Heat on Those Who Cheat

I have taken so much heat over the years for my strong stance against devolving all sin issues down to the level of some genetic or medical issue. I do not dismiss the relevance of genetics and physicality to spiritual issues, they are inextricably linked. But I do not like the move to make all things simply an issue of the right pill. Here is the latest entry I have seen that further stirs my own hornet’s nest. Do you hear the buzzing? Read and weep, ye who love mankind:

What’s wrong with cheats
The cooption of parents as unpaid teachers is at the root of Britain’s plagiarism epidemic
Frank Furedi
Tuesday March 28, 2006
The Guardian


One thought on “Turning Up the Heat on Those Who Cheat”

  1. It is not that suprising that everything is being turned into some sort of disease. So many people are not able to admit to the evil within. I believe it was Socrates that said “the unexamined life is not worth living” I wonder if this falls into the unexamined life.

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