Time Out of Mind (with apologies to Bob Dylan)

Classically Crazy: Every once in a while I see one of those pieces that make me want to shout for a few minutes, and a blog is a wonderful place to shout, but with care.

Time magazine blasted for promoting ‘gay teens’Publication doesn’t disclose cover story written by homosexual

Posted: October 18, 20051:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

Time magazine’s controversial cover story on “gay teens” is being denounced by critics as blatant homosexual propaganda – which is not surprising, since the Time journalist who researched and wrote the story is a homosexual with a long history of advancing “gay” causes, including the promotion of anonymous homosexual orgies.

CC: So who am I upset with here, the gay guy writing like a gay guy, or the large “objective” news magazine, Time, who chose to publish his thoughts? Both, I suppose.

In its Oct. 10 cover story, “The battle over gay teens,” Time fails to disclose that its reporter, John Cloud, is himself homosexual, nor does Cloud mention until near the end of his lengthy report that the key researcher on which the entire story is based is also homosexual.
In the article, Cloud positively portrays the phenomenon of ever-younger American children self-identifying as “gay,” praises the massive proliferation of Gay Straight Alliance clubs in public schools nationwide, showcases the Point Foundation, which provides scholarships to youngsters who believe they are “gay,” and categorically dismisses professional therapeutic and religious attempts to help homosexuals change their orientation.

Cloud’s key expert throughout the Time cover story is Ritch Savin-Williams, chairman of Cornell University’s human development department and author of a new book called “The New Gay Teenager.” Not until near the close of the article does Cloud slip in the fact that Savin-Williams is “a 56-year-old gay man with a slightly elfish mien.”

CC: to go from worse to worst, Cloud has to impugn the good name of elves by making their mien slightly gay!

Cloud’s piece is particularly derisive of reparative therapy – psychiatric, psychological and religious efforts to help homosexuals change their sexual orientation. “It’s important to note,” Cloud asserts, “that nearly all mental-health professionals agree that trying to reject one’s homosexual impulses will usually be fruitless and depressing.”

CC: It don’t work and we don’t like it, so what has Truth got to do with it? You go, girls.

But Stephen Bennett, a high-profile ex-gay, says, “This article is filled with tons of misinformation, mocking of Bible-believing Christians, of people who have come out of homosexuality such as myself and who are happily married now.”

And one of the nation’s key professional organizations involved in reparative therapy – NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, headed by psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. – isn’t surprised Cloud’s latest article is biased against it.

“In past Time articles,” notes NARTH’s website, “Cloud has promoted gay political attacks against the Boy Scouts, portrayed transgender activists as a new oppressed minority group; wrote approvingly of anonymous gay sex orgies for an alternative newspaper in Washington, D.C.; and earlier had penned a guide to gay bathhouses in Washington, D.C.”

CC: And wouldn’t we all like to know what current residents of D.C. are in those bathhouses?


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